Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a set of office-related applications. Each application attends a distinctive purpose and offers a definite service to its users. Microsoft clutches the applications together in collections called suites. There’s a suite of applications for home, and another suite for school, and small business users, and a suite for huge businesses. Microsoft Office is a group of applications works all together for business productivity. Microsoft Office is either available as a separately such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word or you can purchase as a package of Microsoft Office applications like three in one or five in one. Microsoft Office also offers latest versions that have much more to meet the needs of a user.

Accessible versions of MS Office

There’s a version for Mac devices and Windows you can install it on a laptop, desktop computer, on tablets though, Microsoft Office Online suite of applications also available to access easily. There are numbers of Microsoft Office apps for the iPods, iPhone and for Android are also available from Google Play as well.

Microsoft Office include following apps

Microsoft Word
  • A word processor is used to create text-based documents like publications, reports, brochures, memos, and letters etc.
Power Point
  • It is used to create computerized slide shows and graphics database presentations.
  • It is a spreadsheet program to create formulas to aggregate data, it is used, to organize, to store, to manipulate and to calculate numeric data like budgets, loans, sales results, to develop pivot tables data, graph and chart data, create macros etc.
  • This app serves to organize data you collect including drawings handwritten notes, audio clips, and screen captures.

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