Robotics Transform

Robotic Transformation

A transforming robot is a robot that can be changed from one shape, appearance or form to another object or form like transform into electronic devices or weapons. Most interesting thing is that both different shapes have vastly different strengths and competences. The strange and wonder thing about Transformers is that they can take two completely different shapes and multiple different tasks. For instance these robots can transform into machines like cars, airplanes, boats and, into other different objects.

Due to automation the new generation is smarter and human being replace by these robots. Robots were being built to faster the progress in field of automation, humans and robots can work cooperatively in the present era it helps like a partner at workplace and can do things that seems impossible for a single person. Now a day’s human being fully dependent on machinery and robots for their productivity in any field of life and to support their physical efforts. Robots can now use cameras and sensors to sense for people.
One can adjust their actions or speed consequently. Latest robots have ability to compete the world wide huge and small size companies. There are some real-life Transformer like a remote-control car drives and suddenly converts into another object like from any device to humanoid walking robot. We depend upon robots because robots can accomplish more than one task at a time and much faster than human.

Examples of transforming robots

  • Gobots:  can transform into machines like cars, boats etc.
  • Rock Lords: Can transform into rocks
  • McRobots: One of interesting robots that could transform into company products such as hamburgers or french fries
  • Escaflowne: Can be changed from a humanoid into a dragons
  • Switch & Go Dinos: It’s a vehicle robot that can be transformed into dinosaurs
  • Diarobo: It’s a vehicle that can changed into animals, dinosaurs, and humans

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